Psychological Profiling

SportPsych Consulting specializes in mental toughness and 360-degree assessment & feedback using some of the world's latest and most cutting-edge psychological profiling tools available:

The Attentional & Interpersonal Styles (TAIS) Inventory™ 

In partnership with The Winning Mind LLC (USA) and Enhanced Performance Systems (USA), we provide the world-renowned TAIS. This tool measures how individuals concentrate and behave. It is an inventory of style, not ability or intelligence.


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Mental Toughness Profile™ (MTP™) & MTP360™

This profiling tool assesses your mental toughness competencies used in high performance or stressful situations, namely ​(1) Composure, (2) Concentration, (3) Confidence, (4) Cope-ability, & (5) Cohesion. These are competencies shown to be used by world-class, elite athletes and performers across various domains. Upon completion, you will be given practical advice and suggestions on how to further improve your mental toughness qualities. 


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360 Profiling System™ (360PS™) Consultant Certification

The 360 Profiling System is a a simple but powerful business enhancement tool for 360-degree feedback and consulting for leaders, consultant, coaches and trainers! It can be used for any organization that needs to identify, analyze & remedy competency gaps. Watch a quick demo of the features & user-friendly functions inside the portal:

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SportPsych Consulting is proud to have been an Official Supporter and Exclusive Sport Psychology Training Provider for the national athletes, their parents, coaches, and team managers at the highly successful 28th SEA Games 2015! 

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