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Mental Toughness Training Resources [FREE]
Research studies show that successful performers are mentally tougher than those who are less successful. One reason is because they regularly practice and refine their mental skills.  We have partnered with the Mental Toughness Research Institute (MTRI) to co-produce these practical mental toughness development tools to support you in your journey toward excellence! 
All of the following mental training exercises are free to listen to.  But if you wish to own them, you may purchase them for a  very small fee.  Thank you for your kind support! 
The following audio tracks are exactly the same as the ones above, except that they have each been placed separately for your convenient use.  Enjoy! 

Peak Performance Imagery:  This visualization exercise utilizes one of your past best performances to form the basis for this unique 2-step "movie theater" imagery process.  This exercise is also great for building self-confidence.   [Release date: June 15, 2020]

00:00 / 13:55

Progressive Muscular Relaxation:  This relaxation exercise may help you (a) develop greater mind-body awareness and connection, & (b) facilitate rest and recover.  [Release date: July 12, 2020]

Progressive Muscular RelaxationDaniel Weigand & Edgar Tham
00:00 / 12:50

Centering Exercise:  This controlled breathing exercise may help you (a) enhance mindfulness, and (b) stay relaxed when performing under pressure or stress.  [Release date: July 12, 2020]

Centering ExerciseEdgar Tham & Daniel Weigand
00:00 / 04:36

Wave of Relaxation Exercise:  This mind-to-body relaxation exercise may help you (a) enhance mind-body awareness, and (b) facilitate rest and recovery.  [Release date: Sep 11, 2020]

Wave of Relaxation ExerciseEdgar Tham
00:00 / 10:34

Thank you for using this mental skills training program to enhance your performance potential.  For new mental exercises and information, please like and follow our facebook page for more updates here

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