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The most successful performers in the world have one thing in common - they are mentally tougher than their competitors. In fact, research with elite- and Olympic- level athletes and other performers clearly show that there is a link between mental toughness and winning. In this guidebook, competitors will learn the very same mental toughness strategies used by many of the world's greatest athletes and performers.

More than just a book, this is a mental toughness programme packed with numerous mind-training exercises to develop the medal-winning potential of competitors. Athletes will learn to identify their own ideal mind-body state (called the "zone") for personal peak performance. Athletes will be equipped with the tools to become more composed, concentrated, and find themselves coping with challenges or adversities better than ever before. And they’ll learn to also function better as a team player, too!

Chapter 1: Introduction 
Chapter 2: Ideal Performance State

Section 1: Fundamental Skills
Chapter 3: Goal Setting
Chapter 4: Imagery
Chapter 5: Self-Talk

Section 2: Application: The 5 C’s of Mental Toughness 
Chapter 6: Composure
Chapter 7: Concentration
Chapter 8: Confidence
Chapter 9: Coping with Challenges
Chapter 10: Cohesion 

This book is co-authored by Singapore's pioneer sport psychologist Edgar K. Tham with Dr Daniel A. Weigand, an author, published researcher, university professor, practicing applied sport psychologist, and the recent past Editor of an internationally renowned research journal, the Journal of Applied Sport Psychology. 



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Edgar & Dan

Mental Toughness Strategies of the Worlds Greatest Athletes

SKU: 201010
  • The is a softcover book of 271 pages.

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