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The Mental Toughness Profile™ (MTP™) is based on the latest research on the unique mental toughness qualities of elite performers in various high-performance domains.


The MTP™ is designed to be used in consultation with a Certified Mental Toughness Coach. It is used to evaluate a client's or coachee's mental strengths and areas for improvement in the following five key competencies:

  • Composure – Staying calm and relaxed in any pressure situation
  • Concentration – Focusing on performing and ignoring distractions when it matters
  • Confidence – Believing and trusting in one's capabilities
  • Cope-ability (aka Coping with Challenges) – Overcoming adversities and setbacks well
  • Cohesion – Giving and receiving social support to and from others


In each profile report, you will find

  • a summary chart of one's scores on the respective mental toughness competencies,
  • a description and explanation of one's individualized scores, and
  • practical and evidence-based strategies and exercises to help further strengthen one's mental toughness.


In addition, a half-hour report debrief session with a Certified Mental Toughness Coach will be provided to the client/coachee. This personalized one-on-one session will be used to explain to you your scores and how you can improve in your overal mental toughness. Please give us your mobile or phone details for us to contact you directly on checkout. 


Note: The performance domain for the above-mentioned report is for SPORT only. If you wish to be tested for other domains, please contact us separately. Thank you. 

Mental Toughness Profile™ + Debrief with a Mental Toughness Coach

S$200.00 Regular Price
S$185.00Sale Price
  • There are two parts to this product:

    1. A pdf sofcopy of your personalized report (est. 13 pages long), &
    2. A one-on-one phone report debriefing session with a Certified Mental Toughness Coach
  • Once sold, the book and debrief session cannot be returned nor refunded. Sorry!

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