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Recharge & Conquer: Recovery Strategies for the Busy Executive

Today’s work environment is fast-paced and ever-changing. Long hours, time pressures, uncertainties, excessive demands, and having to be always “on” are some of the many stressors faced by executives in the workplace. With challenges always present, it is the ability to cope and thrive that differentiates the winning employee from the crowd.

Cope-ability, the ability to cope with pressure and stress, does not stop in the office – what you do outside of work hours matters too. Taking time away from work is important. In fact, research shows that individuals who were well-rested and engaged in proper recovery were more energetic, dedicated and focused at work the next day!

Take time to relax and recharge. You deserve and need it! Try out the following research-backed strategies to help you better balance stress with recovery.

1. Turn your Work Switch off

Take a step away from work and focus your mind on other things. Keeping your mind off work matters during recovery time helps to reduce fatigue, and improve your mood and overall well-being in the longer term. After work or on your off days, make an effort to stop thinking of work and focus your mental energy on other things like spending time with friends or family, doing some volunteer work, or trying out some of the other strategies mentioned below.

2. Do something (except work!)

Is there something you have been wanting to learn or try? A class or event you have been curious about or wanting to sign up for? Go for it! Research tells us that learning and mastering something of our choice during our leisure time helps us feel better. Learn a new skill, spend time on your hobbies or find a new one! You will feel better and recharged to tackle the work challenges ahead.

3. Sweat it out

It is commonly known that physical activity strengthens the body. Increasing research is also telling us that physical activity improves our physical health, mental health and our moods too. So, get up from the couch and get moving. You may be one workout away from feeling more refreshed that before!

Remember, spending lots of time on work without any breaks or rest does not necessarily lead to better performance. Recharge and recover so that you have more stamina to take on the bigger challenges ahead of you.

Invest in your team’s long-term success!

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  • Alternatively, learn how you can better coach and facilitate your team towards peak performance here.

SportPsych Consulting is the Asia Pacific training and certification partner for the Mental Toughness Research Institute.

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