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A sports psychologist reveals the key to ending a slump

Sometimes, even the most elite athletes find themselves in the painful throes of a slump. We talked to performance psychologist Dr. Jonathan Fader, who works with professional athletes, what advice he gives them to help get them back on the path to success.

Fader, author of the new book Life as Sport: What Top Athletes Can Teach You About How to Win in Life, says that it really comes down to the nature of each person’s inner dialogue.

Watch his 1:22min video-based tip below:

Video Source: Business Insider

Self-Reflection & Action Plan (from SportPsych Consulting):

  • The nature of your inner dialogue directly impacts your performance

  • Consider some of your own self-talk recently, have they been somewhat negative?

  • Use positive self-talk, instead!

  • Remember to focus on what you want, not what you don't want

  • Think possibilities...

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