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Internships @ SportPsych Consulting & More! 

Hi there!


Thank you for your interest in interning with or working at SportPsych Consulting ;) 

We truly value your time and hope you will achieve all your career aspirations. As such, we need your kind help to complete the following profiling questionnaires to:

  1. help you understand yourself better (we will provide feedback about your profiles!);

  2. highlight areas for development and training (NOTE: be very honest & frank in answering the questions; weak areas are okay, because no one is ever perfect!);

  3. identify your professional job / career potential based on your natural talents and traits; 

  4. specify workplace traits that are important to long-term career / job performance; &

  5. map out potential areas of fit between you and the various departments within our organization (both in and outside of Singapore), where relevant.



(1) Complete both profiles with all frankness:

(2) Send us -- via email -- a self-reflection on both your profile results above [screen shots are fine] in relation to your career choice/s & aspirations, your trait strengths and areas for improvement (we accept imperfect people!). Please do be detailed in your reflection write-up to help us understand you better. 

(3) Kindly note that only successful candidates will be notified please. We thank you for your kind understanding. 

Warm regards and best wishes,

SportPsych Consulting
Singapore | Indonesia | Philippines




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