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School sports: Football competition set-up needs fine-tuning to achieve goal  Sunday Times (The Straits Times), February 2020

How can we help the soccer players, who lost heavily to a much stronger team, deal with the emotional "scars"? Chief Sport & Performance Psychologist Edgar Tham shares his views on the issue. Alternative Facebook post and article

Marathon: How to overcome mental barriers when preparing for a marathon  Sunday Times (The Straits Times), November 2018

We have heard “mind over body” but how do we strengthen our minds for marathon running? Chief Sport & Performance Psychologist Edgar Tham shares practical, research-based strategies for all levels of runners! This article is in conjunction with the Singapore Standard Chartered Mararthon 2018 that is happening in December. Alternative link and article

Big push to get people to get people more physically active  The Straits Times, July 2018

Chief Sport & Performance Psychologist Edgar Tham is quoted by the Straits Times on the likelihood of an adult being interested in sporting activities if they had "positive sporting or physical activity experiences as a child." Alternative pdf article

These Are the Ways Singapore's Top Athletes Stay Mentally Strong  Elle Magazine, Singapore Edition, July 2018

Chief Sport & Performance Psychologist Edgar Tham is quoted by Elle magazine on how our Singaporean elite athletes mentally prepare themselves for top performance. He shares specific, practical tips on how to think positively when under pressure or stress. 

Evaluating the FMS competencies of children via an integrated online and mobile-app assessment system  Asia-Singapore Conference on Sport Science 2018, July 2018

This scientific conference paper outlines the development of Singapore’s first FMS assessment system for preschool and lower primary school coaches, educators and parents (aka assessors). The assessment system includes an online planning portal and a mobile app.

It's Not All Fun and Games  Motherhood Magazine, March 2018

Chief Sport & Performance Psychologist Edgar Tham is quoted by Motherhood magazine on the importance of sports sampling and multi-sport programmes for young kids! This is in line with the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) methodology for grooming sporting champions of the future.  


Newspaper Interview:  SG Football needs an overall change & support  Berita Harian, November 2017

Read this Malay-language newspaper interview with Chief Sport & Performance Psychologist Edgar Tham on the importance of developing mental skills in tandem with physical development for longer-term success. Website link (Abbreviated article:

Live TV Interview: Making a Champion  Channel News Asia, August 2017

Watch this live recorded interview with Chief Sport & Performance Psychologist Edgar Tham on how elite athletes develop their mental toughness for peak performances in competition. Interestingly, these same skills can also be used outside of sport too! 

No more prizes to win? Many kept walking  The Straits Times, August 2017

Not surprised by the finding, sport and performance psychologist Edgar Tham, who owns SportPsych Consulting, said: "Often, we find executives saying that they lack energy after a long work week, so that could explain why they don't exercise on the weekends, because that's the time they take a physical break." 

Paying people to lose weight works: Study  The Straits Times, June 2017

Sports psychologist Edgar Tham from SportPsych Consulting noted that extrinsic rewards are typically not a sustainable way of motivating people to lose weight and could even undermine intrinsic motivation in the longer term. But he agreed rewards are a good way of kick-starting the process. "Hopefully people enjoy the activity, and then from there, the intrinsic motivation can kick in," he said.   ... 

Winning Mindset: Mental Toughness Strategies of Olympic Champions & Elite Performers  Singapore Psychological Society AGM, March 2017

Edgar Tham, chief sport and performance psychologist, is a Guest Speaker for the Singapore Psychological Society's AGM 2017. This talk reveals the "new" psychological construct of mental toughness and its relationship with elite sporting performance. It discusses mental toughness' relevance and practical applicability to other domains (e.g., education, military, workplace) supported by recent research.   ... 

Being schooled by our Olympians The Business Times, August 2016

Edgar Tham, chief sport and performance psychologist, SportPsych Consulting says that the ones who succeed do so because they are mentally tougher. "They are the ones who have the ability to handle mistakes, setbacks, disappointments and even adversity better. . . and it's often due to their mental toughness that makes the difference. I believe it's often a mindset issue rather than anything else."  ... 

Dance, bend and salsa, baby: New workouts to try  The Straits Times, July 2016 

"... People tend to get bored with workout routines. New workouts are great in getting some excitement and fun into physical exercise," said sports psychologist Edgar Tham of SportPsych Consulting. "Variety is especially helpful to those who find it hard to maintain a regular exercise routine. They can participate in workouts that they enjoy and not those that they do not like," he added.  ....

Performance sportswear gives psychological as well as physical boost South China Morning Post (Hong Kong), September 2015

Science suggests wearing the right gear can lift athletes by making them think it will allow them to go faster, or higher...

Reflect: The Power of Resilience! Caliberlink/S'pore Workforce Development Agency, July 2015

"Never give up. Never stop believing" ~ Rocky BalboaSpend an afternoon on 31 Jul with us for a movie screening of Rocky Balboa (starring Stallone). Thereafter, chat with a sports psychologist on harnessing the power of resilience.

Ultra-marathoners now into sixth day of their plans to run 2,500km over 50 days 938Live, April 2015

Mental toughness is definitely one of the attributes for these runners; Check out the interview with our Chief Sport & Performance Psychologist Edgar Tham, alongside with sports medicine doctor, Dr Benedict Tan.

Team Singapore - Your Voice Changes the Game #OneTeamSG Sport Singapore YouTube, 24th November 2014

0:38 sec: "Keep the desire burning." ~ by Antony Lou, SportPsych Consulting

Well done Antony! Your quote is an inspiration to the nation's best athletes!


How they enhance athletes' performance The New Paper, 18th July 2014

"Edgar Tham, Singapore's pioneer sport and performance psychologist shares his views on the role of a sport psychologist..."


6 fun and quirky ways to shape up in Singapore The Straits Times (Mind Your Body), 1st June 2014

"The use of music has been found to help people perceive less pain and lengthen exercise duration. A workout can be changed as long as the key principles of exercise are kept: Frequency, or how often you exercise; intensity, or how hard you work; time or duration of the exercise; and the type of exercise. Finally, make sure that the venue of exercise is safe and the workout is enjoyable. Enjoyment is the key to longevity of any exercise regimen or workout routine," said Mr Tham.

On your marks, get set - and hit that work target The Straits Times, 1st May 2013

"Peak performance in sport and at the workplace has many similarities such as having to set and acheive goals, perservering even when one is tired, handling setbacks or mistakes, and even working with others to meet group objectives..."


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